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Vogue Spring Summer 2008

Vogue Spring Summer 2008
Mesh Tank #30

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long Break

Hi again!! I took a very long break and now it is time to write. I want to let you know what I have been doing on the knitting scene.

Today I sent off two new patterns for Crystal Palace Yarns, see the link on the right side of the blog. Both designs used the Bamboozle Yarn in the Painted Roses Color.

The first design is a capelet, the second a matching pair of wristlets. I will let you know when the pattern is up on the web site. The stitch patterns used in both designs are seed stitch, stockinette and a right twist cable and a left twist cable. The wristlets are easy and they only take 2 balls of Bamboozle. A great project to learn to work cables.

I have also been doing a little knitting for hire, I am making a simple vest for one of the customers at HeartStrings, I am glad to say I started it soon enough and will have it completed in plenty of time for Christmas. (Have you started your Christmas gifts yet)?

Well I gotta go-I promise to write more soon, as I have more to tell you about my knitting adventures.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oct 3, 2008

Casual, Elegant Knits

As we were working on this book, we were carefully reviewing each pattern many times. We were hoping to make sure that all the information written in the pattern is correct and nothing is missing. However, in a real world of publishing, it is almost a rule that something will get into print that was not corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience these misprints may have caused you.

Dawn and Faina

Red Waves Beret

Corrections on p. 27

Little Waves
(Odd number of sts)

Rnd1: *YO, P2, pass YO over 2 purled sts; rep from * to last st, P1.
Rnds 2 and 4: Knit.
Rnd 3: P1, *YO, P2, pass YO over 2 purled sts; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rep rnds 1 - 4.

Clarification on p. 27


Using size 11 needle, CO 106 sts using decorative cast-on method on page 90. Slide (or transfer) all sts on size 4 circular needle, pm, join into rnd, taking care not to twist CO row. Marker indicates center back. Work in slip-st ribbing for a total of 14 rnds, ending with rnd 2.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Book Signing

Yesterday was very busy. Faina and I had a book signing at Barnes and Noble. We had a lot of fun.
The seats were filled! Faina had a nice Power Point presentation and we answered a lot of questions from the audience. All of our book projects were on display.
I will be posting photos soon.
The blog tour is still going on and today will be with Liz Moreno. Please be sure to check it out.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Triple Pocket Bag

I want to give you another peek at what is in our Book; Photo courtesy of Martingale and Company, photographed by Brent Kane.
Also I want to let you know about our upcoming blog tour that will begin on Sept. 4th. We have 15 days scheduled with some great blog hostesses.
Here is a copy of the schedule:

Sept 4th: Lynn .Hershberger

Sept 5th: Carol Sulcoski

Sept 6th: Cindy Moor

Sept 7th: Amy Polcyn

Sept 8th: Connie Chang

Sept 9th: Marie Grace Smith

Sept 10th: Susan Lawrence

Sept 11th: Marnie MacLean

Sept 12th: Tikru

Sept 13th: Terry Ross

Sept 14th: Liz Moreno

Sept 15th: Donna Druchunas

Sept 16th: Jennifer Tallapaneni

Sept 17th: Kristi Porter

Sept 18th: Joanne Seiff

Sept 19th: Simona Merchant-Dest

Until then, keep on knitting!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blog Information

I have been wondering for quite a while about what knitting people want to see in a blog and what it is that keeps them coming back. So rather than wonder, I thought I would ask reader's for their input. I will suggest a couple of questions just to help you get started:

1: Do you like to know about new projects?
2: Day to day life, more on a personal level?
3. Do you want to know what new kniting books the blog hostess is reading?
4: Do you like to see photos of work in progess, or finished projects, or both?

Please add anything else that is of interest to you. I will be waiting to hear from you.

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