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Vogue Spring Summer 2008

Vogue Spring Summer 2008
Mesh Tank #30

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well it looks like I took a bit of a break from writing. Must be the breather needed after completing the book.

I have been working up some new designs as well as sending out submissions to magazines, etc.
It is much like fishing- a lot of work preparing, making plans, getting supplies and hoping that you catch something. I will definitely let you know if I have any acceptances.

I would love to hear from any readers what they would like to see on my blog, something that makes it interesting to you. Thanks in advance for ideas.

The day is already getting away from me so that is all for now.

Have a Knitty Day;

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hello; this morning brought exciting mail to my doorstep. The long awaited proof of Casual Elegant Knits arrived. I e-mailed Faina and she rushed home during a break at work to pick up her copy. Faina and I will be going through all of this material and then off to the printer on the 17th. I guess we will be busy once again and will keep you posted.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Busy Day!!

I just finished knitting and writing the pattern for my latest creation, it is called the "Open Air Market Bag". I stayed up way too late knitting last night and finished it today. The yarn I used for this bag was a new arrival called Sandra, by Schaefer Yarns, a beautiful hand- dyed yarn with plenty of texture. Very nice to work with!!! And it only took 1 skein.
It will be on display at Heart Strings Yarn Studio next week . I will be teaching this as a project in one of my upcoming classes this spring as well as having the pattern available for purchase. It will be perfect for Farmer's Market or great for gift giving.

I will post the photo later in the week.My next project and pattern will be a new felted purse, more about that later.

Well there is a little more time left tonight, so it is off to the knitting chair.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


This is my very first blog ever, and I am very thankful to my friend Faina for her help to get this set up. For those who know me I just try to peacefully co-exist with technology; I am always very grateful for those who can help me navigate through the cyber-world.

I have a new design that is in the current Vogue Knitting Magazine, pattern #30. I have had many of my designs published, however this is my first major magazine publication. Yeah!!!! When I first learned to knit my hope and inspiration was to be able to know how to knit well enough to knit a Vogue Knitting Pattern and now I have one of my own designs in a Vogue Knitting Magazine. What a dream come true. Please check it out. It is using a luxurious hand-dyed Bamboo tape yarn "Banyan" from Colinette. I made a 2nd tank using the Bamboo tape yarn "Splash" from Universal Yarns it works nicely as a substitute for the original yarn.

Today I was able to finish another project for Crystal Palace Yarns. It is a big girl version of the Bunny Hop Baby Ruffled Pullover. This has been a very popular baby sweater and there have been many requests for larger sizes. So Susan at CPY has responded to those requests and will soon have the new version on her website at www.straw.com. A big thanks to Susan.

I will post a photo and link when all is done in the technical arena. All the patterns at CPY are free, and look the best when made using CPY yarn.

Faina and I are awaiting the preview copy of our new book. It is off to the printer's by the 17th of this month, so we should see it soon.
Knitting Pleasures and Dreams (I am off to knit).