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Vogue Spring Summer 2008

Vogue Spring Summer 2008
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long Break

Well----- I have been so busy that I have neglected to write something new. Summertime gives me the false impression that I will have a lot of time to get caught up with all kinds of projects like-cleaning out the garage, closets and paper work. In reality I find it works out just the opposite. Many fun things come up and I choose to do the fun stuff rather than what I had planned. In the midst of this reality I still find time to knit, I have even been using up yarn that I have purchased quite some time ago- doesn't that count as getting caught up?
I just finished a very simple top down , short sleeve, raglan vest in a nice hand-dyed ribbon/tape type yarn from Fiesta called Meteor. I will be sending it off to my sister in Texas as a little cheer her up surprise. It was so nice to use up something from the stash for a change. Most of the time once it hits the stash it is archived forever.
I will post this now and try to photo the vest it later this week for all to see.

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