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Vogue Spring Summer 2008

Vogue Spring Summer 2008
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Late Night Finishing

YES, I do love to do the finish work on a project, but I have learned the hard way that late at night is not the best time to try to finish up OR do the actual finish work on any thing. Many a time I have not taken my own advice and have paid the price. Now some of you may not have had the same experiences that I have had but I certainly have had more of my share.
Let me tell you about the night I stayed up til 2 am to finish a poncho during the poncho craze.
Beautiful, slippery Fiesta Rayon Boucle worked in the round, on large needles. I was just finishing up the neckline - so anxious to wear this beauty. The last bind off stitch was off the needle when I noticed an unwanted loop a few stitches back, so carefully (I thought) I undid a few stitches, then I do not know how this happened but a stitch just dropped off the needle, then a neighboring stitch decided to follow. The more I tried to catch up with these guys the more things started going crazy, before you knew it this slinky poncho that took hours to knit became a ball of yarn of yarn in minutes maybe even seconds.
That lesson stayed with me for a long time-years even, however last night I guess I forgot, because a similar thing started to happen. It was late at night, the yarn wasn't as slippery but there were a lot of stitches on the needle of this openwork shawl and Voila!! a stitch jumped off the needle and it's friend started to follow suit, to make matters worse there was a lot of yarn over patterning going on here. The more I tried the worse it got. But you know what I remembered my previous disaster and set it down in the middle of the row and told myself I could get to it in the morning.
I had a fresh start in the morning, a lot of patience and in a little bit of time I was able to correct the errors and now I can resume working on the piece.
I should have put it down right away, before helping it to become worse than it already was, but at least I did put it down. So I am off to work some more and hope that my addiction to knitting will allow me to think straight if things start going awry tonight.
Knitting Dreams and Occasional Knitmares.

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